Delmon Elevators and Escalators in Kuwait

Our Services

We provide superior quality services to clients. Here are the services and our top priority is to address the safe performance of the elevator, avoiding major repairs, maximize elevator performance and efficiency.

Installation of lifts and escalators

Delmon  United  Company, the agents of the Spanish company Orona, offers integrated solutions in the import and installation of elevators and escalators of various types. It offers several models suitable for engineering design of modern or existing buildings and buildings that do not have an elevator


  • Electric & Hydraulic
  • Geared & Gearless
  • Machine room & Machine room less
  • Pit less
  • Travellators
  • Platform
  • Dumbwaiters

Maintenance after Sale, Services and Sustainable care

Maintenance after Sale, Services and Sustainable care
We have specialized technical staffs with long-term experience in service 24/7/365 to ensure your elevator runs safely and efficiently – all the time. We provide all preventive solutions for periodic maintenance, follow-up and supervision.

An elevator carefully maintained will run safely for a lifetime.

Replacement of lifts and escalators

With our diverse range of products and expertise, we offer various solutions to replace old elevators and escalators. We have different products suitable for all buildings and old elevator rooms and replace them in a convenient manner without causing any damage to the old building at the lowest possible cost.

Consulting and development solutions​

With over 30 years of experience in importing and installing elevators & escalators we provide specialized development and consultancy solutions for various buildings before and after construction. With the availability of long-term expertise engineering and technical staffs we provide solutions that keep up with developments in all fields of elevators & escalators.