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Delmon United Co. was founded in the early 1990’s in Kuwait. As a leading lift supplier in UAE, it provides a full range of services from installing to maintaining conveying systems such as ESCALATORS, TRAVELLATORS and ELEVATORS (electric and hydraulic). Delmon United is also amongst the top hydraulic lift suppliers in the country.
The Exclusive Agent Of Orona Elevators In Kuwait
Orona has given Delmon United official distribution rights of their products in the mid-2000s. In 2011, Delmon United became The Sole exclusive agent of Orona Lifts in the State of Kuwait.

As such, we possess the capability to supply, install, commission and maintain lifts with the capacity as high as 2500 kg and speed as fast as 2.5 m/s. Delmon United’s service and customer support has made it among one of the competitively best in the elevator market in Kuwait.

In a short period of time, Delmon United was able to achieve substantial growth. Delmon United, by working hard on establishing a good reputation for being reliable, became popular among major consultants and construction contractors. It is also particularly favored by the different Ministries of the government for their buildings. During this time, the number of Orona lifts sold through Delmon United on the average is around 200 units per year.

The reputation, good service, competitive price and reliability of Delmon United has made it very popular especially to the Ministries building projects, conveying system consultants and major construction contractors in Kuwait.

Orona Elavators and Escalators in Kuwait

Orona is one of the leading companies in Spain

Orona is the first European company to receive the award of environmental preservation UNE 150301 and ISO 14006. In addition to its noise and noise reduction technology, it also includes features like Safety and safety standards, Reduction in the energy consumption, Global comfort standards.
Our solutions integrate in all manner of buildings, incorporating the latest technology and flexible design that adapts 100% to building characteristics. Orona offers a complete range of aesthetic solutions, adjusted to Customer needs, with accessibility levels beyond those approved in Europe. Our certifications are the guarantee of excellence in our work. We possess the most important international certifications, whether in terms of eco-design, environment, or workplace safety.
  • 1 out of every 10 new lifts in Europe is Orona.
  • Number 1 in complete lift production capacity in Europe. More than 100 countries install Orona’s product.
  • Two manufacturing plants in Europe.
  • 250000 Elevators in the world are with Orona technology.
  • 4,507 professionals with a vocation for service.

Our services

Elavators and Escalators in Kuwait

Installation of lifts and escalators

Delmon United Company, the agents of the Spanish company Orona, offers integrated solutions in the import and installation of elevators and escalators.

Elavators and Escalators in Kuwait

Maintenance after Sale and Sustainable care

We have specialized technical staffs with long-term experience in service 24/7/365 to ensure your elevator runs safely and efficiently – all the time.

Elavators and Escalators in Kuwait

Replacement of lifts and escalators

With our diverse range of products and expertise, we offer various solutions to replace old elevators and escalators. We have different products suitable for all buildings.

Elavators and Escalators in Kuwait

Consulting and development solutions

Having more than 30 years of experience in importing and installing elevators & escalators we provide specialized development and consultancy solutions.

Our Projects

Through expert maintenance and both full and partial modernization of any equipment in our portfolio, Delmon United keeps your elevators, escalators and moving performing at their best throughout their long working lives.

Elevators and Escalators in Kuwait

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Our ProDucts

Delmon United has been producing quality Elevator products built to last and provide uninterrupted service. We have Elevator Products and Elevator Parts you need to keep your Mechanics working at competitive pricing. Our product range is suitable for all types of Elevator needs.

Our team of experts work hard to provide excellent value for the money of our clients. The reputation, good service, competitive price and reliability of Delmon United has made it very popular especially to the Ministries building projects, conveying system consultants and major construction contractors in Kuwait and UAE.